Bedtime Stories

This is a very special and sacred part of the website for me.
It’s where the moments behind the curtain of an album take place. A peek into the lives of families who were kind enough to share their thoughts, their moments with the music, and their own bedtime stories.
I am so honoured to be able to play a musical part in these treasured moments that a parent shares with their child. They make up the fabric of life and growth, and they mean the world to me.

If you would like to contribute a Bedtime Story to this page, please send an email to and I will gladly share it here. It is a great way for anyone visiting the website to see how magical and connected music can be, and how we can use it to communicate deeply with each other, and the little ones in our care.

A Bedtime Story by Keri-Anne
Mummy to Elle and Mia
Northampton, UK

Mia is such an easy baby except when it comes to bedtime. She fights and fights. i feed her, then rock her then feed a little more. Then rock. Then pace around the room with her. Then another little feed followed by more rocking and more pacing. It normally takes around an hour to get her to sleep!
This evening, i played the album in the background and i just became so overwhelmed. I just wanted to cry and cry. Mia was staring up at me as i rocked her with the most innocent blue eyes and she was just so content in listening to the music and staring at her mama.
i held her tightly to my chest and hummed along to the music. I couldnt believe it when Mia started making tiny little noises along with the music too. I could feel my heart flipping and flipping and i kept getting the most overwhelming rushes of love through my whole body for this tiny little person.
Her breathing became so deep and eventually she fell asleep with my head on my heart. I didnt want to put her down. I just wanted to hold her forever just like that. All swaddled in the grow bag and all content and milk drunk. It felt like the days when she was growing inside me and i would just curl my arms around my bump everynight to protect her and try and show her i loved her so much already.
If you think one of your most favourite moments in the day is rocking your tiny one to sleep, then this album is for you. It just makes the moment so much more magical and heart melting.

A Bedtime Story by Claire Addis
Mummy to Eva
The Midlands, UK

My husband Tom emailed you a few months back to let you know how wonderful we thought your album was and how great it was at helping our little daughter Eva get to sleep at night. Almost 6 months on and we still use the CD to soothe her in the evenings when she is overtired and I have now started sharing the album with my new ‘mum’ friends at various groups I attend e.g. baby massage, baby yoga etc. So many of them have said how amazing the music is, both for the babies and for them! I thought you’d like to know how much joy it is bringing here….
Your album really does make our bedtime routine extra special and I can’t resist but gaze at Eva for ages after she’s fallen asleep as she looks so peaceful and beautiful. Thank you.

A Bedtime Story by Dagmar Adler
Mother to Gustav
Munich, Germany

I stumbled across your lovely lullabies when my baby boy was a tiny newborn – now he is nearly 9 months old and we listen to your music at every bed or nap time. I was totally shocked when i saw how many times we’ve listened to your music…!
Thanks for these great lullabies, because my baby falls asleep, and i still like your music after so many months and so many times listening to your sweet voice!
Kind regards from germany (smiles)

A Bedtime Story by Matthew Loveday
Father to Ivy

We received your lullaby cd as a gift from our friends to play to our baby daughter Ivy. All 3 of us love it, and it is a beautiful way to catch a moment of tranquillity with our daughter as she goes to sleep. We went camping recently in a beautiful spot in Wales, with the mountains behind us and the sand dunes and sea stretching out in front, and a babbling brook running by our tent. And in the evenings we were joined by your lovely music. One night, I got completely consumed by the peace and perfection and just cried silently looking at this being that has blessed our lives, and really felt happiness I’d never had before. So thank you for your part in making that moment.