A very special item has arrived in our shop.....

Due to popular demand, I’m very pleased to say that some absolutely gorgeous prints of Iker Spozio’s panel artwork, are now available to buy from our shop. You can go ahead and adorn all of your walls with this beauty….

Thank you to The Mommy Dialogues

Many thanks to the kind folks over at the The Mommy Dialogues.
There is a LOVELY 5 star review of the album, and they have recommended it as one of their “must have” items for families. Sweet indeed.
There is giveaway going on too: Ends Friday, August 31, 2012.

Lullabies now available at the Sisters Guild

Very honoured indeed, to have the lullabies as a part of the Sisters Guild collective, who will be stocking the album in their wonderful online children’s boutiques starting May 2012 !

Please take a moment to have a browse around their website, as they have some gorgeous things for sale…..

Time Out NY Kids

HUGE Thank You to Mr Jeff Bogle, for featuring the album (and me) in Time Out NY Kids, in the first double edition of the magazine in 2012. It was a grand way to start the year, and we are looking forward to all that it brings to our table!

A Very Special Holiday Giveaway

A very special giveaway has just begun…….
I have partnered up with the wonderful Natural Parents Network, where you can go to their website and enter to win a copy of the album, AND a panel print of the artwork!
Open to U.S and Canadian residents until January 18, 2011 – good luck!

Glowing Gold for the Gift Giving Season

As the gift giving season is upon us, and people take to shops to buy gifts and treasures for their loved ones and those in need alike, we wanted to introduce our Gold Gift Wrapping and Gift Card service……..
It’s free, and if you are buying the album as a present for someone, it has the holiday spirit glowing gold all around it!
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If you are fan, friend, family of the album, and want to show it some love, please feel free to grab the code from the link below, and add our little button to your sidebars, blogs and websites:

Light Of Morning

A Guest Post for the Savette Gazette

I recently contributed a guest post to the Savette Gazette, which is an online publication written by a dear woman called Wendy Hurst. She raises awareness for children with special needs, specifically Autism, which she documents on her blog, and takes us through her journey with her own children, who have special needs themselves.
It was a real honour to have been asked to write this piece, and it was wonderful for me to put my thoughts to paper, on how i feel about music and its ability to connect and communicate with children, especially those kids going through difficulty.

“Music is a very personal experience.
Whether you are listening to it, making it, dancing to it, or playing it – it resonates with a deep and mystical part of our beings.
It can produce such a wide range of emotions in an individual, and the sounds, tone and rhythms of a song, can have a profound impact on a person, well beyond the field of rational understanding.

For me, the idea to write an album for children all came from a moment, that made it clear to me, just how powerful music can be……..
I was looking after my friends little girl, who at the time was about a year old, and she was extremely overtired, so she was squirming and crying, and fighting going to sleep. I certainly couldn’t reason with a baby that it would be a good idea for her to get some rest, so on pure instinct, I gently pressed my mouth to her forehead, and started humming some notes, ever so softly, and within about a minute, she had fallen asleep in my arms.

When this happened, I couldn’t stop thinking about how incredible it was that you could produce such a feeling of ease and comfort, simply by using gentle sound and music to connect the dots to another’s energy field.
I had always seen music as a vessel to communicate with people, but to see it in action like this was pretty life changing for me.
It was almost like the album wrote itself after that, because I was so clear on what I wanted it to be. To create an atmosphere of calming and soothing for a family, that unwinds and settles, falls into soft rhythms and takes you with it on its musical journey, to mirror the journey of your own internal rhythms at nighttime.

I know I search for music to help me connect with parts of myself that I need too, and I know it can be used communicate when all else fails.

Everything that has happened since I made the album, and hearing other people’s stories with music; how it helped a child who was struggling with anxiety, helped a baby start breastfeeding again, helped a young child settle when her parents were going through a difficult divorce.
Just the immensely positive impact it has had on their lives, has reinforced my knowing that music is a naturally integrated part of our being, that should be engaged with as much as we possibly can.”

White Lily Green

Thank you, oh thank you so much, to Tracy from White Lily Green, who wrote a super nice review of the album today.
She lives in my dear homeland of Great Britain, and finds lovely things to share on her blog with “Mummys” (as we say in the UK) and their little ones…..

Baby London

Very honoured indeed, as the album has been featured in the Autumn edition of Baby London, which has just hit the shelves in the U.K. For those readers who are not familiar with this publication, I’ve just been sent a copy of the magazine, and it’s a fantastic read. All sorts of informative articles and recommendations for raising a happy and healthy family.
Certainly worth picking one up!