The Mother Magazine
“If you’re looking to integrate calm, beauty and love into your family’s bedtime rituals, this CD is highly recommended.”

BBC Music
“To a baby it might well point the way to the Land of Nod; to an adult, it’ll shut out the world for a brief spell.”

OhDeeDoh / Apartment Therapy: Best Products of 2011
“The sparse arrangement of piano and guitar allows her warm and soothing voice to take center stage, which is exactly where it belongs.”

Junior Magazine
“Gentle strums from the guitar and twinkles from the glockenspiel mingle in this sweetly soporific lullaby collection”

Natural Parents Network
“A collection of eight original, soothing tracks, meant to be played at night, or anytime baby needs to relax and sleep… reminded me of the beach at night, when the waves roll in. The music literally carries you away peacefully.”

Kid Independent
“After the kids have drifted peacefully off into the land of nod, you just might feel like hitting the repeat button and taking your own ethereal journey off into the clouds.”

“Perfected for moving from evening play time to sleep time. The music and lovely packaging make it a good choice for gifting to the new parent.”

Daily Candy Kids: Best Kid’s Music of 2010
“Hush. Baby won’t say a word as these dreamy melodies drift in.”

“Both the vocals and arrangements produce a sense of being swaddled in a great surge of warmth, with Jain adroitly cushioning the listener from the real world.”

“Soothing, slow and deliriously calming.”

Time Out NY Kids
“Those looking to hit the refresh button on their lullaby collection will want to check out NYC’s own Essie Jain, and her kids’ debut, Until The Light Of Morning.”

“Jain wields distinctive beauty in singing about drifting away into the ether. It’s slight and it approaches without us knowing. It feels soft and it’s delicate and it makes us want to sleep forever.”

Baby London
“Perfect for unwinding and relaxing.”

Juno Magazine
“My breathing slowed as I floated on the music, and gradually I was aware that the vocals had disappeared, and by the last song, it was pure piano. My boy was asleep. And before the last note, so was I. Blissful.”

**** Mojo
“Her hushed, restful voice delivers soothing, mellifluous but never sentimental tales of slumbering animals, magic stars and spaceships.”

Coos And Ahhs
“Until The Light Of Morning, was created with us modern mamas in mind. The songs are true lullabies: soothing, simple and calming for babies and parents alike.”

White Lily Green
“Absolutely blissful – I’d highly recommend to parents of babies and young children.”

The Australian Baby Blog
“Perfect music to work into your night time routine.”

Little Lovely
“Enchanting and soothing.”

White Lily Green
“Absolutely blissful – I’d highly recommend to parents of babies and young children.”

Chic Little Baby
“Music that mummy, daddy, toddler and baby-to-be can enjoy together at the end of a hard day. Even the cat likes it.”

The Mommy Dialogues
“You could put it on at bedtime, dinner time, bath time, anytime. I really love it.”

Everything Mom And Baby
“I cannot tell you what a special and unique CD this truly is. Soft, warm and welcoming.”